Sunday, 24 February 2013

Once -Gaiety Theatre Dublin

A bit underwhelming given the number of awards. Too many dragged out dialogue moments but dance that stopped as soon as it was warming up. The songs were mainly melancholic. The amateur lighting & lack of any props made the set seem unbelievable as a bar/music shop/two flats and a recording studios. Likewise the US style of delivering 'comic' lines with a pause so that we know *something clever was said* was irritating. The swearing was unnecessary & the acting & delivery as wooden as one might expect from an amateur dramatics group.  Playing 'spot the cue' was so easy it was ridiculous & so the impression to me was that 'Once' believed it's own PR & didn't feel it needed to work hard. Some shows cannot run & run with same cast or transfer seamlessly to a different audience in a different country. This is one of them. It did receive a standing ovation but it was quite possibly due to everyone suffering numb backsides by the time the second half had dragged itself along and they needed to move. In summary, it was a bit of light entertainment and a harmless enough way to spend a couple of hours, but cutting edge, riveting, extraordinary, memorable or any such adjectives did not apply.

The trailer is here: Once - The trailer

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